The 45th Podcast

The 24-hour news cycle may have already moved on, but the 45th podcast is examining developments from the White House that deserve a second look.

With the Trump Administration, there's often so much news that not all of it can get the coverage it deserves before the 24-hour news cycle has moved on to the next event. In the 45th Podcast, Rabia Chaudry, Sarah Basha, and Susan Simpson discuss important developments coming out of the White House that are worth a second look.


Rabia Chaudry

Rabia Chaudry is Jennings Randolph senior fellow at USIP, where she researches the intersection of religion and violent extremism. Her regions of interest are Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar. She comes to USIP from the New America Foundation, where she was an International Security fellow, developing and leading a CVE community project in partnership with Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Rabia received her Juris Doctorate from the George Mason School of Law and practiced immigration and civil rights law for over a decade before moving into the CVE policy sphere.

Rabia is a 2016 Aspen Ideas scholar, fellow of the Truman National Security Project, a fellow of the American Muslim Civic Leadership Institute, and a fellow of the Shalom Hartman Institute. She is the public advocate of Adnan Syed, the wrongfully convicted man at the center of the most popular podcast in history, “Serial”, and is the co-producer and co-host of the podcast “Undisclosed”, with over 160 million downloads.

Susan Simpson


Susan Simpson graduated from the George Washington University Law School. As an associate with the Volkov Law Group, she focuses primarily on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and white collar defense, as well as related civil proceedings. Her previous legal experience includes civil litigation and criminal appeals. She is a producer of the Undisclosed podcast, along with Colin Miller and Rabia Chaudry.


Sarah Basha

Sarah is the Center for Global Policy's Director of Policy and Communications. In her position with CGP, she builds relationships with elected officials and government agencies, and she manages communications on key policy matters for both policy makers and public actors. Her experience is in analyzing legislation and making public policy recommendations, for which her background in conflict analysis gives her perspectives on mediating and communicating bipartisan approaches for policy solutions. Her work also includes oversight of all communications on behalf of CGP, using multiple platforms for disseminating material relevant to the organization. 


Sarah has more than 10 years of experience in the conflict transformation field, including the production of simulation workshops based on Game Theory to understand hot-conflict and post-conflict environments. She has collaborated routinely with the U.S. Army's Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute and with the U.S. State Department's IREX exchange program, where she supervises the hosting, management and training of international fellows who are developing peace and tolerance skills to use in their native countries. She also is a certified mid-level Mediator who provides the Department of Homeland Security with alternative dispute resolution and team-building training for the Transportation Security Administration. 


Sarah is a cohost in "The 45th Podcast" - a political commentary podcast produced by LongArc Digital Media and carried by Audioboom - focused on the policy implications of the current US Administration.

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